Le Club Lacoste - Deauville Intro

"Le Club Lacoste - Deauville" welcomed attendees to a spectacular weekend of fashion and golf at the Hotel Barriere du Golf in Deauville on the 29th and 30th September 2023. The event curated an exclusive gathering of 10 young influencers passionate about fashion, lifestyle, and golf. As a distinguished collateral event of the Lacoste Ladies Open de France, the weekend showcased a unique combination of engaging golf activities, capturing the grace of picturesque golf swings. The influencers delved into the world of fashion-forward experiences, coupled with an iconic Lacoste dinner that combined elegance with exquisite cuisine.

JN designed and produced all the branded elements for the event, commencing with the specially crafted welcome boxes. These boxes were laden with essential golf accessories, each customised with the event's logo lock-up - every facet of the event celebrated the quintessential Lacoste green and the iconic crocodile logo. The event's grand finale unfolded with a special golf-themed dinner, featuring bespoke tablescape props and golf-inspired dishes. Post-dinner, guests enjoyed a night golf experience using glow-in-the-dark equipment like golf balls. Influencers engaged in a riveting 3-hole game, creatively styled with Lacoste props and bathed in quirky white and green decorative lights. 

*The set design was created in collaboration with Sinan Sigic, a Paris-based set designer.


Creative Concepting


Guest Management